Six Cornerstones

The core values of OMP GROUP are based on six cornerstones: Flexibility, Teamwork, Involvement, Mutual trust, Respect and Equity, Safety


Our flexibility allows us to plan, personalize and modify on all the productive sectors in the firm,in such a way that we are able to find the best solutions for the problems of our costumers.


We build effective groups to serve the costumers at our best. Group work is made up of communication, cooperation and above all supervision.


Involvement is very important to us. We get our employees to take an active part in the results of the firm, to increase their personal motivation and, at the same time, the growing of our company. Sharing the results helps combine the personal goals of the employees together with the objectives of our firm, foresting motivation and passion for one’s mission.

Mutual trust

Trust: this is a very important feature to start from, for creating a fruitful and successful cooperation with the costumers. Acquiring new costumers is a challenge to us, and trust plays an important
role as well as competence and effectiveness.

Respect and equity

To create an excellent company, it is necessary to promote a high quality of relationship within the workplace. Our managers communicate with the employees, they try to be at their disposal for any difficulties they can meet with, trust includes respect and equity as well.


We work according to the ISO 18000 standard.


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