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OMP GROUPs production method is based on lean production system. Since our production system is an integrated approach, we use labour, machinery and materials as efficiently as possible.
Our production system is designed to meet the main goal of the company: building high-quality products at the most competitive costs. We try to ensure quality in the production process, in such a way that defects are not overlooked or passed on. The most important principles in our philosophy are the following ones:

  • just-in-time production which supplies the right products at the right time in the right amount needed at every step in the process
  • quality assurance which does not allow problems to pass from one step to the other. This principle is known as Jidoka and helps to ensure quality, to prevent equipment breakdowns and to use know-how efficiently.
  • full use of our staffs abilities that are supposed to help to solve problems and make decisions. There are a lot of training opportunities, both internal and external, including a programme with Keyko Consulting, to get our employees to earn competitive skills.


Quality Control & Assurance

The Bureau Veritas certification is the official result of our philosophy, which meets the needs and expectations of OMP GROUPs customers. At the same time, Bureau Veritas certification aims at improving quality and efficiency in all fields of production with the back up of all our workforce. The achievement of this merit is the most suitable reply to the needs of the market which has become increasingly stimulating and selective.
OMP GROUP has obtained the certification as a firm operating in conditions which guarantee quality control meeting the requirements of UNI ISO TS 16949. this legislation (dating 2002) issued by Bureau Veritas Italy.

The main responsibility of Quality Assurance is to ensure Customer Satisfaction.
Quality Assurance monitors overall quality by auditing products before they are delivered to Customers. This department interacts with the other ones in order to fulfil appropriate improvements. Quality Assurance coordinates a wide quality improvement programme including a number of activities, to underline the importance of quality for team members. Banners and posters are displayed throughout the plan to enhance our awareness of the importance of maintaining quality in all daily activities.




This is an important sector in our production, engineering plans develops and classify the technical structure of our processes and products.
Engineering is organised as follows:
  • technical department which studies production systems, machinery design, organisation of technical documents, CN CAD CAM programmes and writes down our control plan.
  • quality assurance which is responsible for giving approval of manufacturing, for sampling, accepting orders, and managing measurement tools .
  • internal process assurance which checks and studies processes and products, inspecting activities, reaction plans, maintenance of certifications procedures.
Scheduling of methods which analyses and optimises our production steps.
Machinery and prototypes department which produces machinery, extraordinary measurement tools and new prototypes.
Not only manages engineering OMP GROUPs know how, but it also research on and develops new technologies in order to offer high quality products at low costs.
In the last few years we have starting a cooperation, in terms of co design, with our costumers. We have become an important support in the development of the projects of our costumers.




An important section of our production system is Production Control, that helps to maintain the appropriate inventory levels of smaller items. They are responsible for planning and scheduling our production, ordering parts, handling transportation issues and packaging, stocking bulk material, maintaining and monitoring inventory control.
Production Control supports correct part usage: using the right parts at the right amount. If they discover a shortage, they investigate the problem, find the cause and take the appropriate countermeasures. If not controlled, it is possible that some parts of the production system are to be shut down because of a shortage. They also react to quality problems found in parts coming in to OMP GROUP, due to packaging or transportation.
The Logistics group coordinates transportation of parts from suppliers to OMP GROUP. Parts are usually shipped to us by air, truck or sea; it depends on where the suppliers are located. Italian suppliers can deliver parts in some hours, depending on their locations. Some suppliers are able to deliver parts as often as every hour.

Since variations in production volume lead to waste, our company keeps production costs down by levelling the workload. We average the highest and the lowest variations in orders, so that we are able to create a consistent production volume. We remove variations from the production schedule and use parts and manpower in the most efficient way.
We think standardise work is very important, in our company every job is organised to be done efficiently: we are able to ensure quality no matter who does the work. This technique aims at:
  • Achieving high productivity
  • Achieving line balance throughout the production process.
  • Eliminating excessive in-process inventories
Reducing waste and improving efficiency.
We also take into consideration different factors, such as: the time necessary to complete tasks, the order in which job steps need performing, the parts at our disposal, the location of the machinery.

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